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I hate Makeover Shows! - Annoyed with the world today? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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I hate Makeover Shows! [May. 7th, 2004|02:15 am]
Annoyed with the world today?
This is my first post and I couldn't think of anything more needing to rant about today than this.. Makeover Shows! i hate them. and sitting home all day today flipping the channels on cable made me acknowlege this even more.
Every single fucking Channel! Wedding makeovers, fashion makovers, celebrity makeovers, fat to thin makeovers, teenage makeovers, plastic surgury makeovers... it's endless. it's redundant. when are people gonna start looking in the mirror and being happy with what they see. all a makeover is is fancy clothes, hair and makeup. those things do not define a person. a person defines a person. not what they look like. just because a person has all of a sudden become attractive does not mean that they're life is gonna dramastically change. it just means that a man or woman will look at them in a sexual matter. Is that all people care about? that is what's wrong with the world. we are too consumed with appearence. i mean hey, i am guilty of giving into expensive makeup and clothing, checking myself in the mirror ten times an hour, obsessing about not feeling "thin enought" for society. but i would never go to an extreme of embaressing myself on TV by saying "hey i think i'm ugly! fix me .. all within the span of a half-hour!" You look at celebrities, especiall Britney Spears.. do girls really think they can look like her? She doesnt even look like that. It takes a team of trainers, dieticians, makeup artists, hair stylests, fashion stylests,good lighting, and air-brushing to look like that. It's fake. She wakes up in he morning looking like crap just like the rest of us. And these makeover shows feed into societys need to think they can be perfect. no one is perfect. we were all made to be different and look different. its time people start embracing that.

From: gimme_a_cookie
2004-05-20 08:15 pm (UTC)
agree totally. but one thing i don not agree on: makeup, clothes, that is crap. you rant about makeovers, but what you are doin is just on a lower level. don't wanna be mean, but that is an inconsistency. i don't believe in makeup or any other consumer shit designed to make you feel better about yourself. if you need that then there is something wrong.
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