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Shut up about the iPod-killers [Jun. 20th, 2006|03:14 am]
Annoyed with the world today?


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I am sick of reading about companies trying to make the ultimate iPod-killing digital audio player. Everybody and their fucking dog are trying to make the mp3 player that will completely take hold of the market and leave the iPod in the dust. Hate to break it to ya, friends, but it ain't gonna happen. I don't care how good your digital audio player is, I don't care if it has a bigger screen, a radio tuner, has tetris and wifi, or costs a hundred bucks less and comes with a year's supply of steak, it won't make a difference. Sure, there wil probably be better digital audio players than the iPod, and hell, there probably are right now, but when people think mp3 player, they think iPod. People don't really buy them because they're the best, or the cheapest, or whatever, they buy them because what's the point in having an mp3 player if it isn't an iPod? Our culture is about as deep as petri dish; when shopping for a digital audio player, people are shopping half for function, and half for status symbol. People want the shitty white earbuds, they want the sexy look, they want people to know they have an iPod. I don't care if you make the fuckin greatest musical device in the universe, there will always be people buying the iPod en masse, because some people are shallow and need the boost to their self-confidence that having that iPod will give you. There will always be the people who need a pair of shitty white earbuds to assure them that they are hip, that they are cool, and that they have money and standing in the world.
And before you people start calling me a hypocrite, before you say "hey wait aren't you on your like fourth iPod (because your iPod mini kept dying and having to be replaced by Apple and then you decided you needed a 30 gig black video iPod)?", I'll admit- I wanted an iPod because they're fucking adorable. And easy to use. Not for the headphones, though, cause they don't stay in my ears. But yes, I am shallow in my music player choice- I want something to hold all my music and look fucking smexay while doing it, I want something that people have heard of. This doesn't make me a hypocrite, it makes me even more right. I can personally attest to the fact that the iPod will always be popular even if Steve Jobs says we need to buy a new one at least once a year, simply because they have the name and the looks and the status. So give up, Microsoft, give up, Sony, and suck my nuts, Toshiba, cause the iPod is ready for you, armored in the shallow adoration of millions of two-dmensional, superficial audiophiles.